Upcoming Auctions

The following people have storage units which have been set for the next available auction.  Tenants have until the date of the auction to pay in full or the property will be sold to the highest bidder.  An inventory of the property (pursuant to Ohio Revised Code) will be made as soon as weather permits and said inventory will be added to this page.  Auction date will also be added as soon as the date is set.  Any account which is not paid by the auction will result in civil action being taken through the courts against the tenant until the balance is paid in full.


Duecaster, Kenneth E; LKA Youngstown-Hubbard Rd, Hubbard, Ohio; 1-unit (S. Bridge Street location)

Griffin, Marion R; LKA Westchester Drive, Austintown, Ohio; 1-unit (Campbell location)

Kalaman, George P; LKA Park Drive, Campbell, Ohio; 1-unit (Campbell location)

Phillips. Lynn; LKA P.O. Box, Youngstown, Ohio; 1-unit (New Middletown location)

Tibolla, Kimberly M; LKA East Midlothian Blvd, Struthers, Ohio; 1-unit (S. Bridge Street location)

Birch, Paul, LKA Sexton Street, Struthers, Ohio; 1-unit (New Middletown location) (lawn mower, weed-wacker, clothes rack with clothes, patio chairs, hand-truck (dolly), miscellaneous household items)

Yerkey, Michael’ LKA New Springfield, Ohio; 1-unit (New Middletown location) (miscellaneous household items)

Bahe, Estate of Ronald Bahe, LKA New Middletown, Ohio; 1-unit (New Middletown location)

Chapman, Kimberly; LKA New Castle, PA; 1-unit (New Middletown location) (miscellaneous household items)

Domer, Mark A; LKA Poland, Ohio; 1-unit (New Middletown location)