About Us

Uncle Joe’s Storage is LOCALLY owned and is NOT part of a chain. Both the owner and manager have lived in Struthers all their lives and are 1977 graduates of Struthers High School and both are dedicated to the Mahoning Valley.  All of Uncle Joe’s facilities are a short driving distance from Struthers, Campbell, Lowellville, Poland, Youngstown, Springfield, New Middletown, Boardman, Coitsville and Hubbard.

Company History

Uncle Joe’s Storage on Lowellville Road opened for business on July 01, 2007. The Struthers South Bridge location and the Campbell location were purchased on February 01, 2008 from local entrepreneur Jim Mong who took his vision and constructed the businesses and turned them into much needed service in the area. Uncle Joe’s was proud to make the purchase and commits to maintaining the same high quality of service and professionalism established by Mr. Mong.  On June 01, 2016 two additional locations were purchased from Mr. Mong, both in New Middletown, Ohio.